Your home gelateria.

Exciting gelato for you to freeze and share.

Expert gelato churned at home.

The best ingredients.

Carefully sourced ingredients, so you enjoy every mouthful.

Exciting Flavours.

Different flavours so everyone can feel like they’re in a gelateria.

Churned at home.

Freshly churned by your ice cream maker for the smoothest taste.

So what's in each box?

Each box contains enough ingredients for 3 different flavoured tubs gelato!

  • Gelato base (enough for 3 tubs!)
  • 3 swirls/stir-ins flavours
  • Up to 3 toppings/garnishes
  • Custom tubs for your incredible ice cream inventions
  • Recipe cards

What others are saying?

Hannah Fullalove
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The kit was super easy to use, simple instructions that made the whole process really straightforward from start to finish. The ingredient quality was excellent, and we got to try delicious flavours we never would have thought of trying!
Katie Woods
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Really great idea, finally found a lazy way to make gelato at home! I used this for a dinner party, went down a storm.
Harry Kemp
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Simple, quick and delicious. I can't wait to try out next months box!