About Us


Brozen Box was founded by twins Ben and Joe. Originally from a small farm in Cornwall, they grew up making homemade ice cream from locally foraged blackberries, elderflowers, and sorrel. Wanting to explore gelato further, in 2015 the brothers cycled across Europe in search of the best they could find. With the information they gained from their trip, and from reading numerous scientific journals, they launched their liquid nitrogen gelato stall in a market in the heart of Bristol.


Continually experimenting, the twins expanded their knowledge and shortly after opened Brozen Bar, the first specialist frozen cocktail bar (come and find us in Bristol and say hello!). As requests grew from customers, new friends, and family from afar, the team have now developed a way of enjoying fresh gelato at home without any compromise on quality.


Each month you’ll receive a unique selection of ingredients to curate three tubs of gelato at home. Every box contains flavours which have been handpicked to fit a monthly theme, for you to explore a variety of flavours from around the world. We strive to use only the highest quality produce in our gelato, which is why we source all our dairy from Jersey, and carefully select our distributors for other ingredients. We hope you love our gelato as much as we do!